Patient-centered health care in the new health economy


Today’s healthcare system is under tremendous pressure to reduce overall costs without losing track of the patient. Legislative changes and challenging economic realities make it increasingly difficult to deliver both improved outcomes and cost savings for the most complex patients.

The Physicians Pharmacy Alliance (PPA) recognizes the changing healthcare landscape and is working to reduce overall healthcare costs by driving improvements in medication adherence, reducing utilization and delivering patient-centered services. An analytically-driven organization, PPA uses SAS to help control costs, identify risk, engage patients and provide comprehensive reporting of activity and results to all members of the care team.


Craig Willis, PPA’s Director of Analytics brings data-driven insights to patient care teams. This helps ensure patients receive the personalized care needed to maintain long-term adherence to their regiment of care. PPA uses SAS® Visual Analytics and SAS® Office Analytics to integrate and manage multiple data sources for visual data discovery and faster insights.

“I’m a data person by nature. My boss is not. He wants information in a visual fashion,” explains Craig Willis. “He wants information in a format he can translate easily and see clearly. The same holds true for our clinicians. It’s important for them to have information presented in a very visual manner so they can quickly gain insights and move on. And that’s what data visualization does for us.”


Want to know more about how PPA is using SAS to cost-effectively manage the chronically ill?
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