Hotel Pricing in a Social World: The unmanaged business traveler


Next week Breffni Noone, Associate Professor, The Pennsylvania State University and I will be hosting a discussion at the Cornell Hospitality Research Summit on how user generated content impacts the purchase choices of the unmanaged business traveler. The discussion will take place on Monday October 13 at 2:15pm in Statler 396.

In preparation for this discussion, Breffni and I recorded a video presentation of our research. If you are attending the conference – you should plan to watch this in advance of the discussion. If you are not attending the conference, but visiting from twitter, Facebook or Linkedin – we’d love to hear your feedback and would be happy to answer any questions that you have in the comments section of this blog.

Kelly McGuire and Breffni Noone present the results of their research.

For further information – see my previous post which outlines the details of this study.


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