Your data is in Hadoop, so what?


Okay, let's say your data is in Hadoop. The distributed, open source framework is configured as it should be across low-cost servers and your data is sitting in those clusters. It's been a meaningful effort to get to this point but how does it benefit your organization? If it's not doing something meaningful for your enterprise, what you've created is essentially a big data "Ha-Dump." It's only when you apply the data-to-decision process that your Hadoop efforts become fruitful.

SAS has enabled its industry-leading data management, analytics and visualization software to fully support you in the data-to-decisions journey. There's a SAS solution for every step of the way, whether it's data mining or information distribution, analytic modelling or data governance. Check out this two-minute video overview of the data-to-decisions process to see how SAS gives you the power to know more, and to know faster than your competition.


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Steve Polilli

I've worked in SAS media relations since 2008. Prior to that I held PR positions at several other technology companies. Earlier in my career I was a news reporter and editor.

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