Building an analytics culture


All Analytics spoke with several leaders at the recent SAS Global Forum Executive Conference on what it means to build an analytics culture.  Here’s a video of those conversations.

The video features several sections related to building an analytics culture:

  • Kim Nevala, Director of Business Strategy for the SAS Best Practices group, and I talk about the challenges to getting started.
  • Mark Pitts, Senior VP of Analytics at SourceHOV, Peter Moore, President of Wild Oak Enterprises, and I then discuss the importance of executive buy-in.
  • Mark Pitts and Roger Area, VP of Analytics at Hyatt Hotels, cover the need for talent.
  • And finally, Kim Nevala and I share insights on creating the culture.


Take a look. And please leave a comment on what you think is the most important ingredient for building an analytics culture. Is it talent? Culture? People? Technology? Some combination of these?  Or something else?


About Author

Aiman Zeid

Head of Organizational Transformation Services, SAS Global Business Consulting

Aiman Zeid has helped numerous organizations on four continents evaluate their organizational maturity and readiness to deploy business analytics. His focus on enterprise-wide approaches has made him a sought after consultant for starting Business Analytics Centers of Excellence. His new book, Business Transformation: A Roadmap for Maximizing Organizational Insights, shares a structured approach for organizations to achieve maximum value from their data. Zeid has 29 years of experience in information management, business consulting and technical implementation of business analytics and performance management solutions. He holds an MBA and a BS in engineering (computer science diploma) from George Washington University. Prior to joining SAS he worked as a consultant for Battelle Institute and the Hay Group.

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