What’s on your analytics to-do list?


Are you wondering what to do next with your analytics program? The latest issue of sascom magazine provides a handy guide. Check it out to get help checking off must-do items like these:

  1.  Establish an analytics center of excellence. Find out how SunTrust centralized all of the bank’s analytics teams – and improved service delivery with grid computing.
  2. Get buy in for analytics projects. Check out Lenovo’s Innovation Theater.
  3. Deploy analytics in the cloud. Get tips for choosing the right deployment model.
  4. Tackle big (and small) data with Hadoop. Get help with data staging, processing, archiving and more.
  5. Hire an analytics dream team. Learn what differentiates a data scientist from a data steward.

And anyone could learn an analytics trick or two from Orlando Magic CEO Alex Martins. Read about the magic behind the Magic to learn how Martins has turned a small-market team into one of the NBA’s biggest earners.


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