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Watching the news recently it occurred to me that many of the stories involved data in some way. Many of the reports from the recent Consumer Electronics Show showcased products to enable users to create and use ever-growing personal collections of data. Want data on how well you sleep? No problem, there’s an app for that. Each week brings a new report about hackers, data theft, or a breach in data security. Even the nightly sports report touches on the subject of data. College basketball’s March Madness is still more than a month away, yet data is being collected, analyzed, and reported forecasting those teams likely to make it to the big dance.

Headlines in the general press scream Big Data. Industry pundits, and those seeking lucrative book deals and speaking engagements, debate the merits of traditional data vs. big data vs. wide data.  Regardless of what it’s called and how it’s created, we’ve become increasingly aware of all things data.

If data at the personal level is becoming an everyday issue, how much more so for business? Organizations know they need to deal with the issue and can benefit when they transform data into information that helps solve problems and drives the business forward. What they need is a comprehensive solution to these challenges.

Want to know more? Check out this short video below that explains how IT and business leaders can brings together traditional and big data to drive better, faster decisions and improve organizational performance.

Making data a valuable asset.

Want to know more, check out SAS® Data Management and learn how your business can transform data into a valuable corporate asset.

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