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How to Pokemon Go-to-Market

Has there ever been an app that’s captured the world’s imagination as quickly as Pokemon Go? The usage statistics are mind-blowing, and whether or not the world has reached “peak Pokemon Go” yet, this will doubtless be a short-lived fad. But this could be the app that brings augmented reality and

Elizabeth Bautista 0
Tendencias, Innovación y Conocimiento: la experiencia “Business Analytics & Innovation Forum 2016”

¿Cómo puedo incorporar la analítica a mis decisiones estratégicas de negocio? ¿Qué implicaciones tiene para el futuro “Analytics of Things”? ¿Cuáles son las tendencias analíticas para las diversas industrias? Estas, y otras preguntas fueron parte de la experiencia vivida el pasado 21 de junio en SAS Business Analytics & Innovation

Donna McGuckin 0
How size optimization helps retailers improve inventory productivity and profitability

All of us in the retail and wholesale industry, regardless of role, are responsible for the same objectives: Increase customer satisfaction, inventory productivity, and profitability by way of localization and omni strategies. We've learned that our best strategies sometimes fall short; we spend significant effort analyzing, only to achieve marginal results. Many of

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