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Getting Started with SGPLOT - Part 4 - Series Plot

This is the 4th installment of the Getting Started series.  The audience is the user who is new to the SG Procedures.  Experienced users may also find some useful nuggets of information here. Series plots are frequently used to visualize a numeric response on the y-axis by another numeric variable on

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Conozca las ventajas del análisis de la demanda en tiempo real

Contar con un inventario eficiente, que se ajuste a las necesidades de los clientes y prevea las preferencias de compra que tienen los consumidores incluso en tiempo real, pareciera un desafío complejo de resolver, sin embargo, se trata de una oportunidad al alcance de las organizaciones. Un área clave en

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How to make infectious diseases look better

The Wall Street Journal recently published some graphs about seven infectious diseases, and I tried using SAS to improve the graphs ... it's a veritable infectious disease (graph) bake-off! Let's start with Measles ... here's a screen-capture of WSJ's measles graph: In general, their graph is eye-catching, and I learned a lot