SAS, uqudo and iLabs Technologies started a collaboration in OpenGate for touchless and safe travel. OpenGate, based on open source technology and open standards, offers a seamless, automated travel solution based on a reliable platform and technical solution. It enables sharing personal, health and location information between border control, air travel and health systems on a global scale. People maintain the control and ownership of their personal data in a system that supports inclusiveness, openness, data privacy, data privacy, data sovereignty and data security.

The Goal

The goal of OpenGate is to restore travelers' confidence in flying without compromising their confidence in the security and privacy of sensitive personal health and location data. Via an API and an SDK, the platform can be integrated with programs such as Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI) from the World Economic Forum and One ID from IATA and the ID4D initiative from the World Bank.


To enable touchless and biometric onboarding, SAS will support the OpenGate project in the field of advanced analytics, AI, model management and machine learning, as well as provide operational support in scaling up the platform.

For SAS, the partnership is a natural extension of its ongoing initiatives and projects in the field of COVID-19, such as the international response team, the COVID-19 dashboard and various partnerships with public and private organizations. This initiative also ties in very well with SAS D[N]A Lab, the open innovation platform and ecosystem for companies and entrepreneurs. "We are proud to support OpenGate for touchless and safe travel with advanced analytics & AI", says Arthur de Crook, Director D[N]A Lab at SAS.

With the commitment of our people, software, knowledge and experience, our network and above all our curiosity and passion, we can perfectly support this great, challenging and highly relevant project.

Harm Jan Arendshorst, uqudo Chief Strategy Officer and founder of iLabs, adds about the partnership with SAS: "OpenGate is one of the top 30 most impactful winners of the EUvsVirus Hackathon! We are committed to reopening the airspace and saving lives. SAS provides the go-to-market acceleration, advanced analytics & AI solutions and scale-up support we need! Together with FRAport Greece for the proof of concept and Mastercard Strategic Growth "Inclusive ID" technology, we fight against the coronavirus and want to make biometric and safe travel accessible for everyone!

Learn more

Like to learn more about OpenGate, visit this Spark page or SAS D[N]A Lab website.


About Author

Arthur de Crook

Leading the incubation and acceleration programme of SAS Benelux, called SAS D[N]A Lab, Arthur de Crook is eager to position SAS as innovation partner and ecosystem driver in the space of data and analytics. With his enthusiasm and drive to foster innovation, and his experience as one of the founders of RoboValley in growing flourishing innovation ecosystems, he is set to empower the growth of meaningful and impactful innovation initiatives with the robust analytics foundation offered by SAS.

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