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Telia achieves higher customer satisfaction, higher customer loyalty and higher revenue by bringing data, analytics and valuable insights to their business customers.

More satisfied customers equals lower churn and increased revenue. It is usually cheaper to retain customers than acquire new ones. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your company to new potential ones, hence saving expensive acquisition cost. Do not underestimate the power of word of mouth.ci_telia-blog

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is not only important in the B2C segment, it is just as important in the B2B segment. In a highly competitive market such as telco, it is even more important to find a key differentiator. High quality customer service can be the differentiator you are looking for. See, for example, 10 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Is Still a Crucial Business Metric.

It has always been difficult for Telcos to create easy understandable bills for their customers, due to very complex billing plans and IT platforms. By creating simple reports based on customer data, it becomes much easier for the business customer to read and understand the bill.

Telia shows how to do this by meeting customer needs and differentiating themselves from competition, by creating transparency for their business customers with SAS Visual Analytics.

va_telia-blogBy bringing data to the customer in an user-friendly online interface and applying analytics, Telia creates new valuable insights for their business customers. The customers quickly become aware of the areas where they need to focus and make changes to optimize their business together with Telia.

Making this knowledge so easily available to the business customers helps Telia create a platform for an even stronger relationship with their business customers.

Read more about how Telia offer their business customers direct access to their data, thereby bringing Telia ahead of the competition in the B2B market.



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