SAS has a guide to help when you need to create a graph and don't know where to start!


You have data that you want to visualize. You need to explore your graphing options using SAS, but you don’t know where to start. Help is here with the recently revised Base SAS guide, Introduction to SAS® Platform Graphing. This guide is helpful for novice SAS users as well as more experienced SAS users. It gives you a quick look at the available SAS Graphing software, and then helps you select the software to use. Do you know the graph type you want? A cross-reference locates appropriate graphing software to use based on that graph type. Not sure of the graph type to use? Visually locate a desirable graph by browsing the galleries of industry-standard single-cell graphs and multi cell graphs. Each graph type displays a sample graph from the recommended product as well as links to in-depth reference material with examples.

Let’s face it, SAS has a lot of reference material. Finding just what you need quickly can be challenging! This introductory guide is meant to cut through the minutia and get you to the information you need to create that graph with ease. Inside the guide you will find:

  • A quick look at the SAS platform graphing software
  • Decision points about what software to use to create your graph
  • A chart cross-referencing graph type to the software that can create it
  • Galleries of graphs to help you visually locate your graph type
  • Links to in-depth reference material with examples

A revised introduction to SAS Platform graphing

The revised Introduction to SAS® Platform Graphing enables you to get graphing quickly. To get started:

  • Read SAS Platform graphing product overviews
  • Cross-reference a known graph type to the recommended software
  • Visually choose a graph type from a table of graph thumbnail images
  • View a sample graph for each graph type
  • Link to the How-to information (what you need to complete your graphing task)

Not a programmer?

Not a problem. The Introduction to SAS® Platform Graphing has you covered. While SAS provides procedures that allow programmers to create graphs with SAS code, it also provides products that allow non-programmers to create graphs visually. The visual tools generate the required SAS code behind the scenes. No matter what your level of expertise is, this guide directs you to the best SAS product to use to create your graphs.

Wow your boss or just up your skill level. Introduction to SAS® Platform Graphing has you covered!


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A Dennis

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ADennis is a part of a SAS graphics writing team that creates documentation to help the SAS programmer or user create graphs with SAS software. Charts, plots, maps; she's got you covered with helpful getting started, reference, and user's guides.

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  1. In the Table titled "Chart and Plot Type to SAS Graphing Software Cross-Reference," the link for the check mark symbol is absent Only when the check mark symbol is within a circle the link exists

    • A Dennis

      Hi Prashant,
      You caught an error which I will clean up for the next release of the document. When there exist both check marks and encircled check marks, the encircled (recommended) check marks are the only ones with links. We want the user to follow the recommended path. The sentence that indicates a link is attached to uncircled checkmarks will be removed.

      Thank you for catching that!

  2. Very nice guide! I'm having to dive deep into SAS graphics for the first time in my career, and I'm absolutely blown away by how much I can do with them. Onwards and upwards!

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