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Preview of Foresight (Winter 2021)

Through the M4 and M5 competitions, we've seen the promising performance of machine learning approaches in generating forecasts. The SAS whitepaper "Assisted Demand Planning Using Machine Learning for CPG and Retail" describes a role for ML in augmenting the demand planning by guiding the review and override of statistical forecasts.

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Nice article on FVA now available online

What is Forecast Value Added? Please enhance your Valentine's Day with this treat offered up by the Journal of Business Forecasting. Eric Wilson's very nice discussion of Forecast Value Added, originally published in the Spring 2016 issue of JBF, is now available online: "What is Forecast Value Added?" Eric also

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Changing the paradigm for business forecasting (Part 8 of 12)

Typical Business Forecasting Process Let’s look at a typical business forecasting process. Historical data is fed into forecasting software which generates the "statistical" forecast. An analyst can review and override the forecast, which then goes into a more elaborate collaborative or consensus process for further adjustment. Many organizations also have

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