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Breath as Movement

INTRODUCTION  Have you ever thought of breathing as a type of movement or physical activity?  Consider this.  It’s the first movement we did when we were born.  And we all do it – an average of 14-16 times per minute.  It’s essential for every other aspect of living.  And it’s accessible to

Work & Life at SAS
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Yoga for Healthy Feet

Foot pain, no matter what you like to do for exercise, is a super bummer and, when you head to a medical professional to get it checked out, the answer is often the dreaded "stop exercising." Foot pain can often be prevented with regular “maintenance”. Always warm up and cool

Work & Life at SAS
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Yoga for Bone Loss

Have you noticed the commercials about medication for bone loss?  Maybe I’m noticing more as I am in my 50s.  Many don’t think a great deal about bone loss until something breaks!  I know this was the case with a relative.  After breaking her leg, she learned she had osteoporosis. 

Work & Life at SAS
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A Rookie's Guide to Yoga

Happy National Yoga Month! Maybe the announcement of Yoga Month on your Facebook feed, your current training plan, or your desire for some R&R has recently sparked your interest in yoga.  Maybe you’ve been thinking about trying it out for a while, but, oye, stepping into that room with a

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