Celebrate a World of Flavors: Part 2


Food has a culture. It has a history. It has a story. It has relationships. 
― Winona LaDuke


As we continue to “celebrate a world of flavors” by nourishing ourselves, appreciating our diversity and trying new foods and flavors, enjoy this insider's look into dishes that hold a special place in the lives of a couple more of our SAS employees. And check out the first installment of this series if you haven't already for more tasty recipes and fascinating backstories.

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One Pot Rice

Anish Sohoni, SAS India, sharing an Indo-Chinese dish

Indo-Chinese culture originated about 400 years ago when Chinese people from the Hakka province migrated to Kolkata (or Calcutta) region in India. It really gained popularity in India in the 1990s due to a boom in the economy as well as some overlapping characteristics that appeal to the Indian palate (e.g., umami flavors, heavy use of spices, rice/noodle/carbohydrate base). And that’s how you get turmeric, curry leaves, raisins and dried Kashmiri chilies in Chinese dishes in India!

If you’d like to learn a bit more about the origin of Indo-Chinese cuisine, check out these fun videos:


Patty Shells with Chicken and Asparagus

Daniel Lund, SAS Denmark

This is one of the most iconic dishes in Denmark. We have a handful of dishes that we like to call our national dish, and this is definitely one of them! It is also one of my personal favorites that I have enjoyed and eaten regularly since I was a little boy. Even though I am now married to a professional chef, I still have a soft spot for my mom’s recipe when it comes to this dish — she does not skimp on the butter or cream for the sauce 🙂


If you’re on campus at SAS World Headquarters in Cary, NC, continue to stop by the café on Wednesdays in March to experience some of these dishes firsthand.

  • Enjoy Daniel's Patty Shells with Chicken and Asparagus on TODAY (3/23) in Overlook Café in Building T.
  • Then round out the month with a Vietnamese Pho Bar on Wed, March 30 in Overlook Café in Building T organized by SAS Foodservice Dietetic Intern, Anna.

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