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It’s no question – our world changed dramatically in 2020. And now, companies are redefining “normal” and quickly adapting to changing needs and situations.  

We’re not sure when our Cary, NC Headquarters will fully re-open, but we do know that when it does, we’ll be working in a hybrid environment. Why? Well, because it’s what our employees have told us they want moving forward – and we’ve proven that it’s a viable, productive option.  

This isn’t new to us at SAS. Our culture is rooted in trust and flexibility has always been part of our employee experience. For almost two years, we’ve been operating in a flexible work environment where some employees have chosen to come into an office, while others have been working remotely.  

Meetings are an important part of how we work, and operating in a hybrid environment will be an adjustment for us all. In that spirit, here are 5 tips for successful hybrid meetings.  

Opt for digital first  

Opting for digital first is our standard for operating. Strive to plan meetings, training, conferences, and seminars virtually, even if only one team member is virtual, so the experience is equitable. Even if most meeting participants are on-site at the same time, participate from individual devices so everyone has the same experience in the meeting.  

Cancel unnecessary meetings – and make necessary meetings shorter.  

Being on camera can be exhausting – take inventory of your recurring meetings and consider if they can be shortened or changed to be more effective. Make sure each meeting has a clear purpose and agenda to streamline and make the most of everyone’s time.  

Build in breaks  

Build in breaks between long meetings and in between back-to-back meetings. Get up, stretch, and walk around. Take a moment to pet your dog or step outside for a few minutes of fresh air.  

Use virtual breakout rooms 

Use breakout rooms for problem-solving, discussions and social interactions.  

Assign some homework 

Assign different roles to meeting attendees when it makes sense, such as facilitator, notetaker or timekeeper. 

Our goal with hybrid work is to provide employees with an experience that works best for their lives, however those lives look – we’re all unique! What are your best tips for working hybrid? Let us know in the comments!   

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