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Growing up in Zimbabwe, Prisca’s parents instilled in her the importance of education and modeled what it looked like to extend a helping hand to people who needed it. “They would take in kids from the streets, and some would stay at our house,” Prisca explains. “My parents would pay their school fees and help get what they needed.”

Meet Prisca

She’s an Implementation Project Manager in our US Professional Services and Delivery division, a mom, and a small business owner. She’s also a fierce advocate for education and passionate about helping kids in Zimbabwe succeed.

Continuing a legacy

When Prisca’s mother passed away last year, she knew she had to step in to continue her legacy of supporting kids in Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwe, there is no free public-school option, and many parents can’t afford school fees. “There are so many kids with amazing potential -- with 4.0 GPAs -- who lack the resources to afford an education,” she explains. “These children just need an opportunity.”

Prisca now financially supports and mentors 15 Zimbabwean kids – all the way from her home in Cary, North Carolina. Many are orphans or are being cared for by single parents or other family members. All, she’s never met in person. For young children, she helps with their school fees. For students who have completed a high school equivalent education, she provides SAT prep books, internet access, practice tests and more – all with the goal of helping them receive a scholarship to attend college in the United States.

“These kids are so determined, they keep going,” she shares. “They don’t have laptops, so they do all of their schoolwork on 5–7-year-old smartphones. Most of them work in the fields during the day and study by candlelight in the evening because they don’t have electricity. They will do anything to get an education.”

The power of education Around the world, SAS is using #Data4Good to support education initiatives that promote learning for all. “My education has shaped me into the person I am today, and it’s given me the ability to help other people. Children are the future of tomorrow, and education is key to a brighter future for all of us,” she says. It was Prisca’s education that led her to the tech industry, and ultimately, her role at SAS where she connects the dots to bring customer projects to successful completion. For Prisca, the best part about working at SAS is the curious and passionate people: “Working at SAS feels like you are with your family,” she shared. “When my mom passed away last year, I did not grieve alone. My SAS family surrounded me. It’s like they hand pick people with good hearts.”

Outside the office

To support her work of providing educational opportunities to children in Zimbabwe through the Fundo Scholars Foundation, Prisca started a sock company, Tanaka Designs. Her son loves socks, so this was a great way to connect and channel their two passions to help others. The socks are African-inspired and reflect the beauty and happiness of Zimbabwe. When she’s not helping others, you’ll find Prisca spending time outside, learning to play tennis, camping, and walking the SAS trails with her son and nieces. She also loves cooking: “I love being around people, especially hosting friends and family for meals.”

We’re inspired by Prisca’s passion for helping others and the impact she’s making at SAS and for kids in Zimbabwe! We can always use some good news – what’s your favorite way to give back? Let us know in the comments.


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Alyssa Grube

Communications Specialist

Alyssa is a Communications Specialist at SAS focused on culture, recruitment marketing and employer branding. She’s a creative storyteller who’s passionate about the intersection of people and brand, and loves sharing the SAS story.


  1. Danielle Pavliv on

    Prisca, you are an embodiment of the SAS values! And most importantly, a truly inspiring human. I'm grateful to have met you and learned about your mission in Zimbabwe. Thank you for sharing your story and the stories of the amazing kids your family has and will continue to help/ed. Socks added to Christmas gift list, check!

    • Prisca Manokore on

      Danielle thank you so much for believing in the students and seeing the potential in them. This blog would not have been written if it wasn't of you getting the team of people who put this blog together. I am sure we are all looking forward to seeing the students attending university in 2022.

  2. What a beautiful way to honor your Mom's legacy! This is such an inspiring story! Thank you for sharing with us Prisca.

  3. Mary Beth Steinbach on

    Prisca, Your generosity and spirit are inspiring! And, your story is amazing. Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place.

  4. Such a beautiful story of paying it forward. And there is no better way to do that than through the opportunities inherent in education. Keep going, Prisca!

  5. Congratulations Prisca! You’re doing outstanding work for the children in Zimbabwe. Your mom would be very proud of you. Wishing you success and the socks rock!!

    • Prisca Manokore on

      Thank you Sis for being part of this journey with me from the very beginning. I still need to send you your socks 🙂 It starts with educating one student and one day soon I am going to open an orphanage home and a school full of students.

  6. Caleb B. Chengeta on

    Truly warm smiles, determination in your eyes, the grace and amazing humility about you, and more…..tell the story of God’s gift. Your mum deserves the continuity and thanks to you for obedience in this fruitful work. Don’t stop! May God continue to bless!

    • Prisca Manokore on

      Uncle thank you so much for the support and I am going to carry on with the work mom was doing. It's very true that there is more joy in giving than receiving.

  7. Lavinia Gonder on

    You are extremely inspirational Prisca, you are doing a wonderful wonderful thing. Continue to let Christ be your guide and impact the lives of those you come in contact with !

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