Curious Colleagues: Meet Lenny Goldman  


Curious about what it’s like to work at SAS? You’re in the right place. Our people are always asking, “What if?” and pushing the boundaries of innovation, and their curiosity is at the core of our company.  

Today, Lenny Goldman, Sr. Strategic Account Executive in Sales, is sharing his passion for serving our customers and how his curiosity is making an impact.  

Meet Lenny

Lenny always knew he wanted to pursue a career in sales. “I knew I wanted to be a salesperson when I was 17 years old,” he explained. After graduating college, he did just that. “I started on Wall Street, and it was tough,” he said. “I made 500 cold calls a day at that first job. But it taught me grit.”  

Through his early sales roles, he learned about SAS and the value it brings to companies around the world. So, when a SAS recruiter reached out about an opportunity in sales, he jumped at the opportunity to join the #saslife: “I got a call from a SAS recruiter, and she told me all about how SAS would allow me to grow personally and professionally,” he explained. “SAS changed my life, and I’m so grateful to be here. Working at SAS has been the greatest thing I’ve done in my lifetime.”  

Passionate about sales and the power of SAS

At SAS, Lenny has been able to grow his skills and network in the banking industry, exceeding his targets every year so far: “If you’re an incoming salesperson, you aren’t going it alone. You have solutions engineers, customer success support, product specialists, and an established customer relationship management (CRM) system to support you,” he shared.  

“The team and I have been able to meet with our Chief Technology Officer and share with him about how our customers are using SAS and about their needs. We have the buy-in and support of our senior leaders,” explained Lenny.   

Lenny believes in the power of our solutions: “I have customers ask about text analytics, and I’m able to provide them a solution that will save 90% of their time,” he explains. “SAS Viya is going to change the world, this is just the beginning. Everything we do at SAS allows greater innovation for our world. Having purposeful work is what allows me to use my passion at SAS. We’re truly changing the game.”  

Embracing curiosity

“Curiosity is everything,” he explained. “It’s that will to learn more, to grow, to develop. With our software, the possibilities are truly endless – and I love getting to share that with customers.”  

Lenny’s personal motto is “Always talk to everybody,” and it’s that curiosity that keeps him moving forward: “You never know what someone will share with you in a conversation,” he said. “Every interaction sharpens me to be a better version of myself each day. It’s my personal joy.”  

Outside the office

On his off hours, you’ll find Lenny cycling (he bikes 10 miles a day!) and spending time with his growing family. “Family is everything to me,” he said.   

Born and raised in Brooklyn, he also enjoys exploring the New York food scene. “I’m a huge foodie, he shared. “My wife and I love omakase sushi and have it every chance we get.”  


Lenny, we’re inspired by your curiosity and passion for SAS and our customers. Curious about a career in Sales at SAS? Check out our webpage for a peek at the #saslife and search open jobs 


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Alyssa Grube

Communications Specialist

Alyssa is a Communications Specialist at SAS focused on culture, recruitment marketing and employer branding. She’s a creative storyteller who’s passionate about the intersection of people and brand, and loves sharing the SAS story.


  1. Great energy you are brining to SAS and our Customers. Keep it up! Excellent pictures of the family too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Beautiful family Lenny!! FSBU is so lucky to have you, your enthusiasm, and curious mind. Personally, I am lucky enough to have you as a colleague and someone to call when I need advice. Keep up the hard work!!

  3. Not surprised to see Lenny (and family) front and center on inside SAS! I had the pleasure to get to know him in Starting Block last summer and knew he and the team he was working with would make an immediate impact. Keep up the good work. And as a former New Yorker who spent many days in Brooklyn visiting the grand parents, I do miss the food scene. However, I've found a handful of decent pizza places and a couple good bagel shops here in Raleigh 🙂

  4. Annick Haenen on

    Hi Lenny, I have been with you in starting block last year and it's great to read your story here! Keep up the energy and wishing you all the best!

  5. Lenny, your energy and enthusiasm is infectious and you're doing an amazing job. And you have a very beautiful family

  6. Ken Wolckenhauer on

    Not surprised at all. I’ve watched Lenny through his entire career journey and even given some good advice. He’s a sponge for information and tenacious as hell.

    He’s returned my mentoring with a great deal of gratitude and respect, which in today’s day is so rare. He expects nothing from life but the opportunity to improve. We need more of him

  7. Your energy is an inspiration and I have always admired your approach to challenges/obstacles. It is as if you become like water --> always find a way through! Happy to have contributed to some of your grit building - the Viking way;-) and I love following your success and career.

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