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Sherrine Eid believes there is strength in numbers. At SAS, we have access to some of the best and brightest scientists, mathematicians, econometricians, epidemiologists and biostatisticians, who are all driven by the same thing: They want to make this world a better place.

"My passion is to objectively assess patterns that affect human life and really intervene in those patterns to make their life better and reduce morbidity or mortality," says Sherrine.

By now, you’ve heard about our work helping customers combat the coronavirus pandemic. As COVID-19 numbers rose rapidly and cities around the world shut down, SAS ramped up. From our SAS® Viya®-powered COVID-19 dashboard to the COVID-19 Scientific Literature Search and Text Analysis environment and deployment-ready models, our teams moved quickly to be there for our customers when they needed us most. 

Our models have helped customers make sense of the data to navigate the pandemic and continue to empower leaders to make informed decisions. But what exactly do these models do, and who brought them to life? Sherrine, a Principal Industry Consultant, Health and Life Sciences Division, is one of those modelers.


Finding answers through epidemiology 

Working on the Epidemiology Response Team (ERT), which is a group of epidemiologists and modelers at SAS, Sherrine was able to give proper context to questions that public health experts haven’t had to answer in decades and report her findings using tried-and-true validated epidemiological approaches.

Through the ERT, Sherrine and her team were able to confirm and document SAS’ approach, as well as tweak and support work that was going out to customers and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). “We were able to come up with very robust models to share with the world, literally working to just hand them over to the CDC to support clinical trials,” she said.

“In my role during this pandemic, I’ve been able to share and teach what epidemiology is and how it affects us today,” Sherrine said. “I’ve been able to leverage my experience prior to SAS and further it exponentially by educating my SAS colleagues, clients and customers and by helping us think outside the box with our partners. Who gets to be able to do that on a daily basis? It’s amazing.”

In my role during this pandemic, I’ve been able to share and teach what epidemiology is and how it affects us today.

Sherrine Eid, epidemiologist

Sherrine said she was inspired to do her best work and believes that SAS’ COVID response was such a success because of CEO Jim Goodnight and COO and CTO Oliver Schabenberger’s willingness to support and partner with our clients during the pandemic.

“Not only is the technology amazing, and I learn more about the gold standard we set with our software and mathematics and analytics daily, but really the wealth of our communal experience,” she said. “The curiosity and intelligence we all bring to solve problems in a very creative and curious way continues to be inspiring to me.”

Why SAS? 

As a single mother of two children, Ryaan, age 15 and Jannah, age 7, Sherrine was unable to be the mother she wanted to be while working previous roles at other organizations. SAS has not only given her the ability to work from home, allowing her flexibility and more time with her kids, but the work she is doing is more fulfilling to her than anything she was doing before.

That’s what I love about SAS. Not only does SAS make you better, SAS allows you to make it better.

Sherrine Eid, epidemiologist

Sherrine is one of SAS’ biggest advocates and is constantly trying to recruit people she knows. “A friend of mine recently said ‘I think I want to come work for SAS – I think I could make it better.’ And I said, ‘I think you could.’ That’s what I love about SAS. Not only does SAS make you better, SAS allows you to make it better. It’s phenomenal – there’s no other organization I’ve worked for that’s that impactful and also willing to be impacted. That’s a sign of openness and growth.”

Outside the office

Sherrine loves her community and volunteers regularly working with youth at her mosque. “The kids at the mosque inspire me and keep me more vulnerable to invincibility,” Sherrine said. “Teenagers always think they can conquer the world saying, ‘Why can’t you do that? Why can’t we fix that problem?’ Working with them regularly helps me keep a fresh outlook on life and reminds me not to settle.”

Sherrine also loves spending time with Ryaan and Jannah traveling and going to the beach. “It’s important for me to travel with my kids, taking them different places and experiencing new cities,” she said. “I’d love to travel the world with them.”


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