ABA, Managing Challenging Behaviors, and Encouraging Independence


Today’s blog post links to 3 podcasts recorded with Dr. Shanun Kunnavatana, the Clinical Director of Easterseals UCP Autism Services. Dr. Kunnavatana graciously joined me for 3 conversations about children with Autism (linked below).  The first is about Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), a therapeutic intervention.  The second is about Managing Challenging Behaviors, and the third is about Encouraging Independence.


Applied Behavioral Analysis

Maximizing Independence

Challenging Behaviors

Easterseals UCP Autism Services provides resources and services throughout the lifespan.  Children’s services are extensive and include early intervention, outpatient services, after school and summer camp program.  Services for teens and young adults include many of the same services for younger children and add transition to employment and a wraparound program.  For adults, Easter Seals/UPC offers employment and training, residential services and much more.

Here is some additional information about Autism in North Carolina from the Easterseals UCP Autism Services website.

“With the incidence rate more than doubling in the last decade, autism is now the fastest growing developmental disability. North Carolina has the second highest prevalence rate in the U.S., that's 1 in 57 children in NC has autism. Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh are in the nation's top 20 cities with autism prevalence. Nationally, 1 in 59 children has autism according to the newly released report by the CDC's Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring (ADDM) Network.  Autism is a lifelong, complex spectrum of neurobiological developmental disorders. It affects how the brain processes information and learns. The social and communication challenges that individuals with autism experience can make it difficult for them to speak and make friends."



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