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If you’re like me, you have a random assortment of mason jars around the house in all shapes and sizes. While I use them on a fairly regular basis, some of them are forgotten in the bottom of the cabinet. However, this clever kitchen hack will help you upcycle those forgotten mason jars and make healthful eating more fun!

What is It?

Mason jar snack packs, also dubbed masonables, repurpose empty fruit cups and allow you to package multiple foods in one nice little package while ensuring nothing gets crushed or soggy in the process. They are perfect for lunchboxes or road trips and can work for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Plus, the presentation is just fun! Who wouldn’t want to eat hummus and veggies when it’s offered like this?!

Get your kids involved! If you have picky eaters or are tired of lunchboxes coming back half-eaten, try the same foods packaged in mason jar packs. I bet you’ll have some excited children with full bellies 😊 Also, let your kids try putting together their own combinations and have fun assembling these super easy jars.

What Do I Need?

All you need is a wide-mouthed mason jar and an empty individual-sized plastic applesauce or fruit cup. (Yes, the ones you feel terrible about buying because of the waste and plastic, but that you still buy to keep on hand for last minute backups and/or travel.)

Be sure to use a wide-mouthed mason jar. This is key to ensure the plastic cup will fit snug and secure!

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Minimal Assembly Required  

Now that you have your two necessary components, assembly is a breeze!

1. Fill your mason jar and plastic cup with desired ingredients.

2. Put the mason jar lid on the top of the plastic cup.

3. Flip the plastic cup/lid upside down and place on top of the mason jar.

4. Place the mason jar ring over the plastic cup and tighten to close.

You can also place the plastic cup open side up inside a taller mason jar and then add the lid and ring like normal OR flip the entire thing on its head with the plastic cup as the base and the jar on top. I do this for “wet” stuff like hummus, nut butter, salsa, etc. so it won’t make a total mess on the lid of the jar or potentially spill out when you get ready to disassemble it to eat.

Start Packing!

When it comes to mason jar snack packs, the options truly are endless. Just be sure to always include adequate protein/healthy fat to help anchor the snack or meal and provide long-lasting energy and fullness.

Depending on your needs, vary the size and shape of the jar. For example, if you’re packing a snack you can use a smaller mason jar but if you’re looking to pack an entree size salad, opt for a larger jar.

Here are a few ideas to get your wheels spinning:

Greek yogurt with fruit

Baby carrots and bell pepper strips with hummus

DIY Lunchables (natural deli meat and cheese with whole grain crackers)

Southwest Salad (greens, corn, black beans and shredded cooked chicken with salsa as the dressing)

Chicken salad with whole grain crackers



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    • Ashley Bailey, MS, RDN, LDN
      Ashley Bailey, MS, RDN, LDN on

      You can use any individual size applesauce or fruit cup. There is a picture of an empty one on the blog. They should be standard size so it shouldn't matter what type you have.

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