Our Storytellers: Why Brooke Fights Fraud

Brooke Fortson
Brooke Huckabee, Marketing Manager, Fraud and Security Intelligence

At SAS, curiosity is one of our values, it’s in our DNA and an important piece of our history. Our people use their curiosity every day to answer critical questions, create meaningful customer experiences and make the world a better place.

They’re the ones writing SAS’ story, and we want you to meet Our Storytellers. Today, meet Brooke Huckabee. She’s an NC native, yogi, and she’s using her curiosity to fight fraud and make a difference.

Meet Brooke!

As a marketing manager, Brooke leads a global team of product marketers for our Fraud and Security Intelligence division – pretty cool stuff! Her team supports the process of presenting SAS Fraud and Security Intelligence solutions to market, so the right businesses can put them to work fighting fraud.

“This includes positioning and messaging, launching the solutions and ensuring our customers understand the capabilities and usage scenarios,” she explains.

Brooke Fortson
Outside the office, you’ll find Brooke at the yoga studio, in the kitchen, or spending time with her friends and family!

An NC native

Brooke’s career at SAS started about 12 years ago, but it’s always been on her radar: “I grew up in North Carolina and went to NC State, so SAS was always on my short list of dream jobs,” she says. “Right out of school, I did marketing and PR for a gourmet candy company. Then I went to work for the News & Observer. After that, I was the marketing director for a Downtown Raleigh boutique real estate agency. When I saw a marketing role open up at SAS, I knew I had to apply!”

Asking questions and making a difference

Brooke doesn’t write the code for our products or solutions, but she knows her work is important to our mission: “I don’t write code or implement the software, but I do hold myself responsible as the voice of all the developers and testers behind the scenes making incredible software that saves lives. I take that responsibility very seriously, because at the end of the day, we’re playing a part in making the world a better place.”

Fighting fraud and financial crime is a big responsibility – one that Brooke doesn’t take lightly. “On the other side of financial crime, there’s always a victim,” she says. “Sometimes that’s stolen money or a stolen identity. Other times money is laundered to fund activities like human trafficking, drug trafficking and terrorist activities. Our technology monitors transactions and alerts investigators of suspicious activity before they happen.”

Inspiring women

When she’s not using her curiosity to market our Fraud solutions, you’ll find Brooke engaging with our Women’s Initiative Network (WIN) and Young Professionals Network (YPN) Employee Inclusion Groups. She’s passionate about lifting up other women in tech, and even hosted our company’s first-ever Women in Analytics: Fraud and Financial Crimes chapter event.

“I’m very passionate about encouraging women, especially in the tech world, to be bold, curious, innovative and courageous. To not only have roots in their values and strengths, but also wings to support their dreams and ambitions. To have the discipline to listen and learn, and also the courage to speak up and be heard. Being surrounded by a supportive network is so important,” she emphasizes. “I’m grateful that SAS offers opportunities for people to come together and lift each other up.”

Curiosity + passion = endless opportunity

When it comes to advice for others, Brooke says to be curious and passionate: “When I took my job in product marketing, I was afraid that I wasn’t technical enough. I was told, “I can teach you the technology. You have passion, creativity and curiosity, those are things I can’t teach.”


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  1. Awesome blog. BTW, there's never a shortage of "Passion and Creativity" when Brooke is around.
    Thanks for all that you do Brooke. You are the best.

  2. A much deserved moment in the spotlight for Brooke. Having known her outside of SAS for many years, she's an endless flow of warmth, kindness, creativity and competence -- all qualities that make her awesome at her job.

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