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Cassio was one of our 2017 CEO Award of Excellence winners!

We’re proud of our unique company culture that spans across offices, divisions and geographies. It’s one of the reasons SAS was recently named among the top workplaces in the world by Fortune’s Great Place to Work!

If you’re curious about what it is that makes SAS such a great place to work, one answer always rises to the top – our people. The people who work here are some of the best and brightest – not to mention the most passionate, accountable, authentic and curious people you’ll ever meet!

Our people are the ones writing SAS’ story, and we want you to meet “Our Storytellers.”

Cassio Pantaleoni, Country Manager, Latin America Sales

Cassio Pantaleoni, Country Manager, Latin America Sales

Today, get to know Cassio Pantaleoni! He’s an author, a philosopher, a SAS CEO Award Winner, and the Country Manager for SAS Brazil.

What brought you to SAS?

Back in 2008, I was intrigued by the limitless possibilities of analytics. I was invited to join the company with the goal of transforming the way we approach customers. The rest is history!

What’s your favorite part about working at SAS?

SAS is a collaborative team, in all senses. We never give up on people, on process improvement or on market trends. We were born to give people and organizations a meaning for their existence – it’s rewarding to be a part of it!

Which of our values resonates with you the most?

I’m definitely passionate about SAS. For me, our other values stem from that passion – it drives my curiosity, reinforces my authenticity and holds me accountable.

My favorite quote is, “One who has soul never rests” by Fernando Pessoa, a Portuguese poet. When you’re passionate about what you’re doing, it can be hard to put it down!

Cassio speaking at an event

Cassio is the author of several award-winning fiction books.

How have you seen your curiosity matter at SAS?

In Sales, we interact frequently with Finance and Accounting, and our customers do, too. Since it’s so detailed, I decided to take training on the subject at Wharton. It’s made me more aware of potential pitfalls, and it’s helped with de-coding balance sheets and income statements.

What’s something unique that you bring to work every day?

I have a Master’s degree in Philosophy, and I’ve taken several different psychology courses. It’s given me the ability to understand concepts in a deeper way and has helped me grasp some of the more complex ideas of the tech industry.

I’m also an author of several award-winning fiction books and have written a number of essays about management and digital society. I think my background as a writer has helped me refine my ability to tell a story, and it’s also helped me become a good presenter and public speaker. As a manager, these skills have been key differentiators.

Outside the office, where can people usually find you?

When I’m not working, I usually have a book in front of my eyes! I also run early in the morning every day, and I enjoy walking in rustic places in the mountains, forests or empty beaches. I also enjoy traveling to historical sites when I’m on vacation!


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