Celebrating Future Leaders on #NationalInternDay


It’s National Intern Day! Created by WayUp, National Intern Day is a holiday dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the future leaders of the world: Interns.

SAS Interns

At SAS, we feel like every day should be Intern Day, but National Intern Day presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the unique value interns bring to our company.

SAS interns gather around a table

It may be a relatively new holiday, but interns are anything but new to SAS! We’ve relied on interns and the curiosity and innovation they bring since the beginning, and they’re an important part of our culture.

SAS intern smiling

Our interns aren’t coffee runners – they do real, meaningful work, and attend meetings and complete projects (with deadlines!) like everyone else.

Three SAS interns present their work

But interning at SAS isn’t all work and no play – our interns take part in hackathons, social events, and get to meet and network with folks from around the company.

Interns pose for a photo after playing field games

We believe curiosity is the heart of human progress – and our interns are some of the most curious people around! From writing code to writing press releases, our interns span a wide variety of divisions and departments, with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds.

So thank you, interns – for your dedication, your spunk, and your curious minds. We’re always excited when you transition from college to career and choose to start your journey at SAS! You’re the future of our company, and SAS just wouldn’t be the same without you!SAS interns pose with SAS signs

How are you celebrating #NationalInternDay? Let us know in the comments!


Interested in interning with us? Check out sas.com/intern for the deets.

Photo credit: Michael Dudash


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