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If you're curious what makes SAS a great workplace, one answer always rises to the top - our people. It's no secret that the people who work here are some of the best and brightest - not to mention the most passionate, accountable, authentic and curious people you'll ever meet.

And at SAS, Your Curiosity Matters, because we believe in what we do. And we know, our innovation in analytics is only as important as what can be accomplished with it.

Keith Teo - Principal Learning and Development

With over 14,000 employees around the world, it can be a bit challenging to get to meet all of the amazing people who work here. That's why we're kicking off a series where we can introduce everyone - stretching across time zones, country boarders, and business functions. Our people are the ones writing SAS' story, and we want you to meet "Our Storytellers'. Today, say hi to Keith Teo!

What do you do at SAS?  

I work with AP OE&D, which stands for Asia Pacific Organizational Effectiveness and Development. Specifically, I deliver sales-related training across Asia Pacific. Since I joined SAS, I designed and delivered a new training called “Induction,” for new salespeople. Basically, it shortens the learning curve of our Sales teams so that they can be the “face” of SAS faster. I love meeting new hires at induction trainings – they have so much energy and enthusiasm, and I share their excitement!

So far, I’ve had the privilege of delivering training in SAS’ Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Raleigh, Singapore, Sydney and Taipei offices. I’m looking forward to many more!

Keith jumping in front of an art structure

What brought you to SAS?

I ran my own consulting business for 16 years. It was a great experience, and I learned a lot; but I was starting to get tired after traveling 45 weeks out of the year. While I was wrapping up my business and on my way to enjoy retirement, SAS Talent Acquisition called me from out of nowhere and asked if I was willing to have a conversation. We had a few phone calls, and now I’m part of this wonderful organization!

What’s your favorite part about working at SAS?

Where do I start? The people! We’ve got smart, committed people here who strive for excellence and are committed to our customers. I’m also inspired by SAS’ vision – to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence. It’s inspiring and meaningful. There’s so much data out there, and most of it is useless. SAS adds value by turning data into meaningful insights.

What’s something interesting or unexpected that you’ve experienced at SAS?

This year I was having lunch with the Taiwan team in the SAS Taipei office when a 5.0 magnitude earthquake rattled the city. We were on the twelfth floor of the building, so we felt the movement! Fortunately, no evacuation was necessary and we all remained calm through the tremors.

Keith with a group of trainees

Outside of work – where can people usually find you?

Two things I enjoy – eating and travel! Hey, I’m Asian – I eat almost anything! [laughs]. I’ll try any food – I may not like it, but I’m willing to taste it. I’ve been to more than 25 countries at over 50 major cities. Nothing beats immersing myself in the local culture, food (yes, I’m repeating this!), architecture and way of life. The world is huge – my passport is ready for more stamps!

Keith exploring the Great Wall of China!

Keith exploring the Great Wall of China!

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