Virtual Interviewing 101: Tips to Nail a SAS HireVue


Photo of a person using a laptopI recently took a SAS HireVue. What’s a HireVue you ask? Two words – virtual interview. It was my first experience with virtual interviewing, and I was nervous. Like, final exam-level nervous. Like many, I don’t enjoy seeing myself on video and mentally psyched myself out for what I anticipated to be a cringe-worthy experience. What was my biggest source of anxiety? I didn’t know what to expect.

After completing my HireVue, I felt relieved, but I also had some questions. Was it OK that I looked at my resume? Was it OK to take notes? I was looking for answers, so I sat down with Kayla Woitkowski, our University Recruiting Manager, to get the scoop on all things HireVue.

Congratulations – you were selected for a HireVue! What now?

Yay! You’ve been asked to complete a HireVue for SAS – now what? Kayla recommends doing your HireVue ASAP. After you’ve received the link to take your HireVue – don’t wait longer than the upcoming weekend to film. SAS’ HireVues are reviewed on a rolling basis, so the sooner you submit it, the better. Be sure to block off enough time to complete the interview - it might take longer than you expect, so find a time that won’t be interrupted by class or work.

The Pregame  

Because video interviewing is a relatively new tool, it’s likely that your SAS HireVue may be your first. And that’s ok! Kayla says you should prepare for your HireVue like you’d prepare for any other interview. Here are some ways to get the ball rolling:

  • Dress like you’re going to an interview – because you are! Side note: I know it’s tempting to go halfsies on the outfit, but don’t. Just don’t. Trust us on this one.
  • Think about examples of the accomplishments you’re most proud of – whether it’s for a team or club you’re a part of, for a school project, or for volunteer work. You might get an opportunity to speak about them.
  • Do your research. Know SAS’ business and values and think of how your own experiences align.

Gather Your Resources

Once you’ve prepared, gather your resources. You heard it here first, folks: It’s OK to have your resume with you during your HireVue – just don’t read through it word-for-word. Kayla also says it’s OK to have a piece of paper and a pen handy to quickly outline your talking points before the platform starts recording.

Channel Your Inner YouTuber

When you’re recording your responses, try to make eye contact with the camera. To be honest, this was the most awkward part for me. If it’s hard for you to keep your eyes on the camera, try sticking a small photo or a smiley face sticker just above the lens, and look at that instead.

If seeing yourself on video makes you cringe, don’t feel obligated to re-watch your responses. And if you totally blunder the first question? Kayla says not to freak out – continue the interview, even if you don’t feel confident about the beginning. Our recruiters won’t make a snap judgement of you based on the first question. For the rest of the interview, try to relax and…

Be Yourself!

It’s ok to be yourself in your HireVue – in fact, it’s encouraged! Kayla says the point of a HireVue is to get to know you beyond your resume. We want to see your personality and who you are. It’s also OK if you have a few “ums” or stutters – that’s real-life, and our recruiters viewing your HireVue understand that.

That’s a Wrap!

I hope these tips from Kayla help you feel confident in preparing for your SAS HireVue. Now it’s your turn - what are your tips and tricks for rocking a virtual interview? Let me know in the comments!


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Alyssa Grube

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Alyssa is a Communications Specialist at SAS focused on culture, recruitment marketing and employer branding. She’s a creative storyteller who’s passionate about the intersection of people and brand, and loves sharing the SAS story.


  1. Dear Alyssa,
    Thanks for your many wonderful articles on the SAS life. There are light and breezy, informative and enjoyable. I just applied to a position this morning so I am super excited. Wohooo! And that SAS wanna-be newbie feeling is not going to stop me from contributing to this article. So I am jumping right in.

    One thing most people don't remember is to sit in a place that has lots of natural light and without any background shadows behind you if possible. But if that is not feasible, then get several table lamps or even floor lamps to illuminate your space very well. If you need to, do point some of them in your direction where you will be sitting. Also remember to use some makeup, blot away the shiny face and take time to look your you can FEEL your best ever. And whatever you, do take the time to SMILE. Believe me, the other person can see, feel and hear your heart when you smile and are engaging.

    Also of note is to use a background wall that is white or cream in color if possible. Some colors like deep green or orange don't often translate well on video. Also, look around you to see what other things the camera may capture. No need to have cartons of stuff or laundry hanging nearby show up to detract for the interview.

    Next on the list is to turn off all sources of sound....that includes any babies and dogs:-) Makes sure you can export them to a babysitter for a few minutes until you are done. Turn off all cell phones and other gadgets like Echo or Alexa that are nearby and can be voice triggered.

    If you need to use the bathroom, do so before you start the interview. You may be home, but a potty break during the interview may not spell success. And holding it in while you interview only increases your discomfort and anxiety.

    OK you are now ready!!!.....Camera, Ready and Action......

  2. Gideon Dickson on

    I want to really appreciate the organizers of SAS HireVue, the Tips to nail the SAS HireVue is really great, and this has shown that SAS is really a great place to have an internship. Interview is what always makes employees nervous but the tips is a great calmer for us, Thanks.

  3. Great advice. Some helpful tips for me are
    1) Ask questions!
    2) Make your answers concise and clear and as Kayla said, try to find something you are most proud in order to relate to job position
    3) Dress the part (I love Kayla's advice on no halfsies).

  4. It will be nice thing to get opportunity from sas to gain a
    To put positive impact in organizations.

    I was using sas during my final year in university
    It was nice

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