More than a job: Why we love the #SASlife


Hearing someone talk about why they love their job is palatable when you have to make small talk at a cocktail party. But why spend your free time reading about why someone loves their job?

Well, when you hear firsthand about how people are helping track endangered species using the latest AI technology, or discover that employees are using their free time to make Snackbots using raspberry pi, things around the office can get pretty interesting!

Top 5 SAS Life Stories

These are 5 of my favorite reads written by our own employees about SAS employees at Building Uwhy they love their jobs. These stories inspire me, give me goosebumps, and motivate me to make big things happen! Some stories are oldies, but goldies. And some of these stories are fresh off the press! Check them out, and share what inspires you. #lovewhereyouwork

1. Bess Creech, Digital Marketing Manager (US), 18 years with SAS: I took a job. So what?

“18 years ago, I took a job that has turned into a career, but it’s also so much more. I work at SAS. A compassionate company is one thing, but to work where the technology being created is also second to none is, well, badass. My co-workers are making a difference in the world."

2. Josh Morgan, Financial Services Client Director (US), 1 year with SAS: 4 Empowering Lessons About Leadership and Work Culture from My First Year at SAS

"As I reflect on my first anniversary with SAS, here are some things about corporate life I have learned and experienced first-hand over the past year.

In short, a good corporate environment is incredibly empowering (surprise, surprise), which allows employees to find meaning in their work and thrive."

3. Pete Privitera, Senior Software Developer (US), 3 years with SAS: The Internet of Snacks: Snackbot data and what it reveals about SAS life (by Chris Hemedinger)

Fun Fact: At SAS, we eat about 23,000 pounds of M&Ms a year!

Pete brought his love of M&Ms and data science together to make a “sweet” robot – meet Snackbot. A slick raspberry pi bot that tracks employees’ consumption of our favorite SAS snack.

“At SAS, we love data. Data is central to our corporate vision: to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence. We're also famous for enjoying M&Ms, but to us they are more than a sweet snack. They're also another source of data.”

SnackBot even has its own website where you can check out the latest on our SAS snacking habits!

4. Beverly Brown, Manager of SAS Support Communities (US), 24 years with SAS: When Curiosity Stretches You

"I'm elated that our behind-the-scenes efforts contributed meaningfully to leadership research. Harvard Business Review, a magazine synonymous with business excellence, showcased the kind of analyses SAS software performs perhaps millions of times daily, in practically every industry, at more than 80,000 sites around the world. And the book’s a bestseller.

I’ve been out of public relations a while now, but having a role in this feels good. Drop-the-mic good."

5. David Bowie, Vice President for Australia and New Zealand (Australia), 16 years with SAS: More than just an office: How new workspaces enhance and drive SAS’ culture

“Curious, Passionate, Authentic and Accountable - these are the SAS values that set the tone for our people and inform customers about the type of relationship they can expect when they choose to work with us. The work environment needed to reflect these values and it made strategic sense to encapsulate these values in our work spaces. I trust every member of our team knows what they need to do each day to get their job done. That means a degree of freedom in what their day looks like, including flexible start and finish times to accommodate the ebbs and flows of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.”

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