Ardha Chandrasana: September Yoga Pose of the Month


Stretches torso and arm & strengthens ankles, knees, legs, abdomen, buttocks and spine; Cultivates balance, opens chest and shoulders

Balancing Half Moon (Sanskrit: Ardha Chandrasana)






  • From Triangle, bend left knee with right hand resting on right hip. Inhale, place left hand on a block that's located ~6 inches in front of upper left corner of mat. You may use the floor instead of block. Heel-toe right leg towards front of mat and ground front foot and leg.
  • Take a deep breath in, engaging core. On your exhale lift back leg parallel to floor with toes pointing out in the same direction chest is facing. You may lift hand from hip towards sky. If so, your body is open and shoulders are stacked.
  • To advance pose, you may look out in the direction that lifted toes and chest are pointing. You may also look up towards lifted arm. To move out of pose, take lifted hand back to the hip, bring softness into the standing leg and step the lifted leg back to its original position.
  • Stay in the pose for 30 seconds to a minute, remembering to breathe. Key notes: Keep your focus on a stationary object, keep core engaged and don't lock/hyperextend the standing leg. In picture on left, you may use a prop such as a tree or wall for additional balance assistance.
  • To take Half Moon to the next level, see picture on right. Bend top leg, reaching hand for ankle and keeping thigh parallel to floor. Chapasana opens the quadriceps and opens shoulder a bit more. You may use a strap on foot instead of reaching for ankle/foot with hand.

Namaste – The light within me honors the grace and wisdom within you.


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