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Super Bowl XLVII is almost here!  Whether you’re a Ravens or a 49ers fan or just watching the game for the commercials, Super Bowl snacks always seem to take center field and are the true MVPs.

According to an article from Huffington Post, Americans will eat nearly 11 million pounds of chips and 1.25 billion chicken wings on Super Bowl Sunday alone! That’s enough wings to circle Earth more than twice!  Add in the pizza, nachos, beer, and other snacks and Super Bowl Sunday ranks second only to Thanksgiving as the highest calorie consumption day of the year (1). 

Wondering how it’s possible to eat that much? Well, calories can easily start to add up quicker than the scoreboard and here’s how:

  • 1 chicken wing with 1 Tbsp blue cheese dressing = 160 calories
  • 1 slice of cheese pizza= 200 calories
  • 1 pig in a blanket= 70 calories
  • 1 chip with dip= 70 calories
  • 6 loaded nachos (with cheese, beans, and beef)= 550 calories

If you ate one of each of the above snacks, yes I did say ONE of each, you will have consumed over 1000 calories and more than 50 grams of fat, not including beverages!  Still don’t believe me, click here  to test your Super Bowl Snack knowledge.

While it’s easy to over indulge during the Super Bowl, you can still enjoy the big game with friends and family without eating like a linebacker! By making a few strategic plays, you will come out a winner no matter the result of the game.  Below you’ll find our MVP lineup of healthier, tasty Super Bowl Snacks that will have everyone cheering! Recipes can be found below.

Super Bowl Snack Lineup

Bowl Worthy Buffalo Chicken


Championship Cheese Sticks


Football Deviled Eggs


Blitzin’ Black Bean, Corn & Pomegranate Salsa


End Zone Edamame Guacamole


Touchdown Tortilla Chips


Kick-Off Cake Kabobs


To view all these delicious recipes, click here.


1. Sarah Klein and Laura Schocker, Super Bowl Foods: HOW Many Calories Do Those Add Up To?, February 3, 2012.



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