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The concept of real-time customer experiences has been around for a while. However, the ability to deliver real-time customer experiences had been limited until recently. Real-time experiences are progressively and significantly influencing today’s customer journeys. Tomorrow, successful customer journeys will not happen at all without them.

What is the meaning of real-time experiences for brands? Simply put, the means to create a differentiated experience for its customers. In return, that differentiation brings unique competitive advantages to that brand. Whether the goal is customer acquisition or retention, fraud prevention, loyalty or many others, it is imperative that brands continue investing in more sophisticated and personalized experiences.

With that said, then what is the meaning of real-time experiences for customers? Two words, evocative gratification. Whether the experience makes the customer feel elated, engaged, inspired or moved, the recollection of that experience and the desire to repeat it will drive their next journey. The quest to capture “that moment” and make it even better is what it is all about.

To win this quest organizations need to have a combination of powerful features at their disposal, the kind that only the leading real-time decisioning engine and the best-in-class analytics in the market today can provide. Together, the SAS Real-Time Decision Manager (RTDM) and SAS Analytics generate the extreme differentiation that brands seek and the evocative gratification that customers want.

How does SAS help its customers to achieve this? By helping organizations create real-time experiences that bring diversity, scale and trust to all their customers. Here are a few examples.

Diversity (A large US financial services company)

Customers looking for savings and investment advice want options...many options! And having access to those choices in multiple ways is imperative. By replacing their old interaction management system with SAS, this service provider was finally able to bring real-time offers to its customers across channels. SAS Real-Time Decision Manager can be anywhere a customer interacts with a business – from a retail branch to a mobile device. Engagement is certainly more compelling and successful when customers are receiving the right offer, at the right time, in the right channel.

Scale (A global telecommunications provider)

Pleasing 100 million subscribers (and counting) is definitely not an easy task. But is it an impossible task? Not when you use SAS. Rising data volumes and the speed of data generation necessitate faster data harnessing and a swifter rate of delivering optimal results to customers. For this company, SAS Event Stream Processing and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager are processing and analyzing more than 10,000 transactions per second in real time. A perfect example of operationalizing analytics at the edge. The results are that triggers are fired to generate hundreds of real-time offers per second. SAS Real-Time Decision Manager optimizes encounters between this provider and its subscribers, ensuring that speed and scale never get in the way of delighting customers.

Trust (A large Australian health care insurer)

By centralizing analytics and real-time decisioning on the SAS Platform this insurer’s new solution now supports multiple business rules and algorithms based on the care, support and lifecycle requirements of this insurer’s customers. These rules and algorithms will help to effectively and efficiently allocate cases to the right service segments throughout the claims process, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of the claim. The insurer can now focus on supporting the needs of its customers throughout their journey to recovery and maximize injured customers' chances of returning to employment and normalcy as quickly as possible. With SAS at the core, this healthcare insurer and its customers can trust that their interactions are accurate, valid and secure.

SAS Real-Time Decision Manager is empowering organizations to keep pace with rapidly changing market and customer demands while transforming their customer experiences. Using SAS, you can engage with your customers in real-time, every time, all the time. After all, now is the only time that matters to them.


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Norma has more than 17 years of experience in the technology industry. Since joining SAS in 2004, Norma has been a dedicated product marketing and sales enablement resource for SAS Customer Intelligence. In addition, she has provided similar support to SAS Data Management (2009-2011) and SAS Solutions OnDemand (2013-2015).

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