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Real-time customer experiences are an elusive yet coveted goal for all organizations. As competition intensifies in every single industry, organizations want to ensure they are providing customers with unforgettable results. Satisfactory is no longer enough. Not if you want your customers to come back.

Forrester Principal Analyst Rusty Warner’s research reports have been enlightening readers during the evolution of the real-time interaction management (RTIM) market in the last few years. The RTIM market has changed significantly during that time. Rusty recently highlighted this in The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2017 and states that is it imperative to:

“Align next-best-action capabilities for inbound channels with highly personalized outbound communications to deliver deeper levels of engagement throughout the customer life cycle. RTIM enables this alignment by integrating systems of insight (customer data and analytics) with systems of engagement (automated content and interactions) to deliver contextually relevant marketing.”

SAS technologies have been leading the next level of this evolution to make the real-time customer experience a reality. SAS Real-Time Decision Manager is at the heart of this development, and together with other SAS Customer Intelligence solutions, they have created a revolution in this market. RTIM requires a sophisticated decision engine, market-leading advanced analytics and the cross-channel integration that only SAS can deliver. In addition, SAS provides the expertise of, as stated in the above-cited Wave report, “incredibly bright and talented consultants” that will be there every step of the way in your RTIM journey.

Today’s marketing and analytics leaders are faced with a plethora of technologies, data, devices, channels and ever more savvy customers. This digital transformation creates organizational, functional and individual daily challenges such as:

  • Driving businesses towards an analytical foundation to make decisions.
  • Identifying the most profitable customers, nurturing them and acquire others like them.
  • Monetizing data to increase revenue.
  • Modernizing customer engagement across channels.
  • Building a customer-obsessed culture across the organization.

According to Forrester, “Marketers increasingly trust RTIM providers to act as strategic partners, advising them on key enterprise marketing technology (EMT) investments.”[The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2017, Forrester Research Inc., June 6, 2017]

Marketers have also trusted SAS with their customer intelligence investments for the last 15 years. Here are a few examples of that trust from a 2016 internal SAS client ROI study:

A large Australian bank

This bank wanted to increase response and revenue. Their SAS-powered real-time next best offer (NBO) program was deployed to their call center and was responsible for a conversion rate increase of 25-45 percent (depending on the channel) and an average sale increase of 18 percent.

A US department store chain

This retailer wanted to enhance their marketing campaign effectiveness through better and more relevant targeting. Implementing SAS resulted in a 20 percent reduction of e-mail subscription churn and a 10 percent lift in campaign offer acceptance.

A British television and internet provider

This customer wanted to provide personalized digital content in real time to web and mobile customers. The initial proof of concept delivered a 241 percent increase in sales.

SAS believes that its position as a leader in advanced analytics and real-time interaction management gives marketing and analytics leaders a competitive advantage through analytics-driven customer experiences. SAS enables new ways for organizations to discover, analyze and act on the customer insights to revolutionize the real-time customer experience for all their customers.

To learn more please read The Total Economic Impact™ Of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, a May 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of SAS. And, for additional insights, don’t miss the SAS real-time customer experience webinar, featuring Forrester analyst Rusty Warner.

According to Forrester, “In the age of the customer, embracing customer obsession is a priority for everyone in the organization.” [The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Interaction Management, Q2 2017, Forrester Research Inc., June 6, 2017]

Let SAS Customer Intelligence solutions help you to make this your reality, too!


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