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SAS is revolutionizing the real-time customer experience

Real-time customer experiences are an elusive yet coveted goal for all organizations. As competition intensifies in every single industry, organizations want to ensure they are providing customers with unforgettable results. Satisfactory is no longer enough. Not if you want your customers to come back. Forrester Principal Analyst Rusty Warner’s research

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How customer intelligence can win hearts and minds

In today’s digital age, products have become increasingly commoditised, requiring organisations to shift their focus towards ensuring the customer experience becomes their biggest differentiator. Previously, the customer experience journey was a string of static, one-dimensional encounters. But now, thanks to big data and the resulting innovations it can provide, customer

Customer Intelligence
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Why focus on integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing is a very broad view of marketing as a circular ecosystem that integrates people, processes and technologies in a process from concept/idea, through planning and resource allocation to execution, evaluation and analysis that feed back into ideas and planning. That definition comes from Gartner's "Magic Quadrant" report on Integrated Marketing Management.

Customer Intelligence
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The customer experience equation - solved by SAS.

The ability to manage cross channel customer interactions is no doubt a critical part of business strategies. Business strategies that focus on continually improving customer loyalty, constantly reducing marketing costs, and always communicating consistently and efficiently with customers will always rely on managing cross channel customer interactions effectively. In order

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Web analytics and digital attribution

I recently read an excellent research report by the IAB and Forrester titled Digital Attribution Comes of Age (full disclosure, SAS was a sponsor). In the paper, they talked specifically about improved multichannel measurement, data driven decision making and media buying leverage for marketers. Attribution, for me, is the natural evolution of marketing mix modelling

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The holiday jingle marketing mashup

According to Wikipedia, marketing with music can roughly be traced back to 1923 with the dawn of commercial radio broadcasting.  What we now know as a "jingle" first aired on Christmas Eve in 1926, touting the merits of General Mills' Wheaties cereal.  As we all know, musical messages have since become a staple for advertisements on

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