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There is no shortage of technology buzzwords today - digitization, big data, the internet of things, mobile, social, cloud computing, and so on. For marketers, all these buzzwords can be at once astonishing, thrilling, exasperating, potentially overwhelming, and sometimes even downright cliché. But together, they're all part of the ways that technology is rewriting the rules for how marketing is conducted. And they're changing the way that marketing organizations need to be led.
Effective leadership has always been about combining what you know with the resources at your disposal to address what you don't know. That combination enables you to make the necessary decisions to address the issues before you. in today's technology-driven environment, leading your organization to faster, better decisions requires skill, agility, resourcefulness and above all, analytics.
In marketing, analytics allows executives to align strategy and operational execution to orchestrate positive customer experiences. And when the customer experience can improve across the organization, so does the bottom line. The infographic below is from research conducted by HBR earlier this year shows how managing the customer experience manifests itself positively across a range of key business measures.
Infographic showing how customer experience management improves the bottom line.On October 22, 2014, marketing executives will discuss customer experience and the role of executive leadership in driving marketing excellence through analytics at the SAS Premier Business Leadership Series Conference. That session will be simultaneously webcast live by HBR at this link.
The discussion will be moderated by Angelia Herrin, HBR's Director of Special Projects and Research, and will feature the following analytical marketing leaders:
Executives are invited to attend the Premier Business Leadership Series, taking place at the Bellagio Hotel & Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you're not able to join us in person, you can certainly tune in from wherever you are by signing up for the HBR live webinar.
Either way, I hope it's an opportunity for you to learn from these experienced leaders about how you can lead marketing excellence through analytics. After the event, it will be offered on demand and I'll update this post with the new link.
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  1. Great insight, John! Marketing analytics is a must, especially with so many data tools being developed, and is helping to realign marketing strategies to lead to success. In a recent post of mine, Data-Driven Marketing is the New Black, I wrote "If digital marketing were a bedtime story, data would be the breadcrumbs. Don’t you want to find your way to a happily ever after?"

    Looking forward to the webcast!

    • John Balla

      Hi Ethan,

      Thank you for your kind words, and I love your analogy to the bedtime story! I also agree with another point in your post that "skills in digital analytics, data-driven marketing and predictive analytics are crucial in order to survive and thrive." After the webcast, we'll have it available on-demand at sas.com and also as a transcripted whitepaper.

      Thanks again for following and your comment.

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