3 lessons in social media monitoring and response


Last week I described our social media monitoring and response pilot, and this week I’d like to talk about some key takeaways and lessons learned while working on the pilot.

Leveraging knowledge across the enterprise is key

Developing a First Responders list enabled our team to respond quickly, while leveraging key skills and expertise throughout SAS worldwide. We also learned about our existing online resources and optimized our searching methods to point users to sites like the SAS Knowledge Base and SAS Community Groups on our customer support website so we could field more technical inquires on our own and point users to existing information.

Be ready to communicate with a worldwide audience

Social media blurs the boundaries of country barriers and provides an open landscape for communication. By listening and monitoring, we were able to engage and add value to a worldwide audience. We realized quickly in the pilot that 50 percent of inquiries and posts we monitored were from outside the US and that US and international contacts were engaging with each other.

Communication tactics and response times vary across social channels

Not all social media channels are created equal. We found that LinkedIn has more business professionals looking for advice and recommendations, and are less tolerant of marketing/sales pushes. Each group has its own norms, is monitored by a group monitor, and holds active members who contribute on a regular basis. Expected turnaround on a reply can vary because posts remain active for days to months and many users search previous discussions to gather information on certain topics of interest.

Twitter response time expectations are more immediate. Messages are short and typically express more emotions with content following a shorter life cycle. While content does not carry over months like with LinkedIn, you will see some of the same people who do tweet often. Prominent users tend to be students, influencers, brand advocates, or adversaries, and subtle pushes from marketing and product messages are more acceptable.

Overall, the marketing contact center has enjoyed our crash course in social media and the opportunities it has provided to help SAS customers and amplify their successes. It has been fun to develop rapport with customers and create a brand voice for our responses that is swift, agile and real.


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Antionen Scott

Sr Prospect Development Specialist

I have worked at SAS for the last 13 years and I am very excited to be a new contributor to this blog! Currently, I am part of the Marketing Contact Center team engaging with customers through multiple channels including Live Chat, phones, email, web request and social media. My work experience stems from customer service, sales, and marketing working in the banking, telecommunications, and computer industries. I love sharing ideas and collaborating with others that helps drive “out of the box thinking”. I am a mother, wife, cook, poet, and photographer – an amateur at all because I continue to learn every day! One of my previous bosses once told me he thought of me as a “long distance runner” while a colleague described me as “tenacious”. I can agree because my life has taught me to never give up! I feel at home in the south and always take time to notice the little creatures of the world … whether it be a springing frog, chirping cricket, or discreet praying mantis.


  1. It's great to read how SAS is using its own products to enhance communication, offer support and share information with the wider SAS community. "Drinking your own champagne!"

    I think it's fantastic as a SAS user & partner in Australia to be a recipient and participant in the social media delivery, makes us feel much closer than we physically are. :-) I'd be interested to hear of demographic statistics and any analysis you can share on the pilot too.

  2. Antionen Scott
    Antionen Scott on

    Michelle, thank you so much for sharing this great feedback! Our team is excited that we are able make positive impacts and increase knowledge share from a global perspective. We do plan on sharing some more results and will try to include some demographics as well. - Antionen

  3. Communication is a key to bring an applause on social media!!A quick response is always loved by the audience and adhering to it will definitely have a hype in the business growth.Sharing knowledge to commemorate the key trends in the digital space absolutely brings success.

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