Antionen Scott
Sr Prospect Development Specialist

I have worked at SAS for the last 13 years and I am very excited to be a new contributor to this blog! Currently, I am part of the Marketing Contact Center team engaging with customers through multiple channels including Live Chat, phones, email, web request and social media. My work experience stems from customer service, sales, and marketing working in the banking, telecommunications, and computer industries. I love sharing ideas and collaborating with others that helps drive “out of the box thinking”. I am a mother, wife, cook, poet, and photographer – an amateur at all because I continue to learn every day! One of my previous bosses once told me he thought of me as a “long distance runner” while a colleague described me as “tenacious”. I can agree because my life has taught me to never give up! I feel at home in the south and always take time to notice the little creatures of the world … whether it be a springing frog, chirping cricket, or discreet praying mantis.