The customer experience equation - solved by SAS.


The ability to manage cross channel customer interactions is no doubt a critical part of business strategies. Business strategies that focus on continually improving customer loyalty, constantly reducing marketing costs, and always communicating consistently and efficiently with customers will always rely on managing cross channel customer interactions effectively.

In order to manage these cross channel customer interactions, an organization must be efficient in executing the following process:

1 - Managing customer data from multiple channels
2 - Gaining analytical insight from the data
3 - Making informed business decisions as a result of that insight
4 - Driving the most appropriate customer offers from those decisions at the right time via the right channel

Executing the process above correctly results in creating a customer set that will be loyal, valuable to your organization, and will help your organization drive profitable revenue growth.

All sounds simple in concept, right? Yes.  Even simply stated, is it still hard for organizations to execute against the steps above? Absolutely.

Why? A number of reasons – poor organization and communication, siloed data, insufficient analytics, etc.

So many high value customer interactions take place online – and not deriving insight from the behavior that take places on this channel is borderline criminal from an organizational customer insight perspective. Organizations are collecting channel based data (page views, bounce rates, etc.) but what is needed alongside this channel data is detailed customer based data (customer behavior, navigation, interest, etc.). Customer based data gives organizations insight that result in better decision making.

SAS today introduces SAS Adaptive Customer Experience, a solution that help organizations target customer communications with greater precision than ever.

SAS Adaptive Customer Experience combines three solutions:

SAS Customer Experience Analytics – Captures and transforms Web interactions into customer knowledge, integrating the data with other channel views. This approach helps organizations more effectively understand, model and market to customers visiting their Web properties.

SAS Customer Experience Targeting – Delivers outbound offers to customers who have interacted online with an organization. This solution combines online data with data from other channels so companies can target customers and deliver offers in an outbound campaign mode.

SAS Customer Experience Personalization – Enables organizations to deliver real-time offers over the Web personalized to the individual consumer.

The combination of these three solutions provide an organization the ability to understand customer behaviors on their web properties from an individual customer perspective, target customers based on those behaviors, and interact based on historic and current behaviors to personalize your customer's web experience in real-time.

The modular nature of SAS Adaptive Customer Experience lets companies add capabilities over time. An organization can start with SAS Customer Experience Analytics for dynamic data collection and analysis, add SAS Customer Experience Targeting for outbound targeting and then move on to SAS Customer Experience Personalization for inbound, personalized targeting in real time.

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