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SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Visual forecasting, traffic acquisition, and digital media

Every brand offers a digital experience for a reason. But to achieve on your mission, raising awareness and attracting visitors through online media is critical. No visitors? Game over. Let’s dive into a business case using website visitor data to sas.com. Suppose that a manager asks: What did our web

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Web analytics vs. digital intelligence - what's the difference?

The business opportunity to intelligently manage customer journeys across their lifecycle with your brand has never been greater, but so is the danger of not meeting their expectations and losing out to savvier competitors. In my opinion, the current state of most digital analytic practices continue to be siloed, tactical, and narrowly fixated on channel-obsessed dashboard

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Need to solve a big data marketing problem? Visualize it.

Developments in advanced analytics, data visualization and processing power are opening new doors to solve big data marketing problems. Most notably, the time horizon on our perspective has broadened into the future by progressing From descriptive analysis (What happened?) To diagnostic analysis (Why did it happen?), To predictive analysis (What will happen?) and then To prescriptive

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The customer experience equation - solved by SAS.

The ability to manage cross channel customer interactions is no doubt a critical part of business strategies. Business strategies that focus on continually improving customer loyalty, constantly reducing marketing costs, and always communicating consistently and efficiently with customers will always rely on managing cross channel customer interactions effectively. In order

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Web analytics and digital attribution

I recently read an excellent research report by the IAB and Forrester titled Digital Attribution Comes of Age (full disclosure, SAS was a sponsor). In the paper, they talked specifically about improved multichannel measurement, data driven decision making and media buying leverage for marketers. Attribution, for me, is the natural evolution of marketing mix modelling

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Katie Paine and the SAS eMetrics Marketing Lab: the impacts of social media on your business

Presentation Title: Listening, Understanding and Predicting the Impacts of Social Media on Your Business Presenters: Katie Delahaye Paine, KDPaine & Partners Mark Chaves, Director of Media Intelligence, SAS Customer Intelligence Effective social media measurement is the leading topic in marketing right now, and rightly so. That’s why we partnered with