The holiday jingle marketing mashup


According to Wikipedia, marketing with music can roughly be traced back to 1923 with the dawn of commercial radio broadcasting.  What we now know as a "jingle" first aired on Christmas Eve in 1926, touting the merits of General Mills' Wheaties cereal.  As we all know, musical messages have since become a staple for advertisements on broadcast and other electronic media because they are very effective.  There's no denying that the catchy tunes stick with you, so the intended messages stick with you, too.

As many of us may be aware, holiday music also stays with you- they are often catchy, upbeat tunes that you hear repeatedly and they end up stuck in your head.  For me, it rings especially true because, as I mentioned in my 2010 holiday message, a holiday music soundtrack runs an ongoing loop in my head this time of year.

In that context, I offer this opportunity to hear a few holiday music staples mashed up with key themes explored in this blog during 2011.  THe list below has links to the related tags embedded in the titles.  For best results, please read/sing these out loud with the corresponding holiday tunes in your voice:

Do You Search What I Search?
"Said the analyst to the website's tags:
Tell me who has surfed here!
What terms struck a chord ev'ry time?
Tell me where they surfed next!"

Rockin' Around the Nurtured Leads
"...adding value to the funnel!
Customer interest at all time highs,
Tells me campaigns 're meaningful."

Hark! The Cust'mer Database Sings!
"...Meaningful segmen-ta-tion!
Fewer bad inter-actio-ons,
cust'mers hear our messages."

Feliz Sentiments!
"Feliz Sentiments! Feliz Sentiments!
Feliz Sentiments picked up with social media analytics!
I wanna know what people 're sayin'!
I wanna know how to respo-ond!
I want to know about the viral storm before it starts to fo-orm!"

Grandma Got Run Over in Realtime
"...chatting live with contact center reps!
Without access to the correct profile,
we lost the chance to meet her needs right then!"

Walking in Retention Wonderland
"eMails work - but if you're list'ning!
If you're not - they're just annoying!
A beautiful sight, an opt-in tonight!
Walking in retention wonderland!"

And for continued excellent results in the coming new year, let's end by bringing you back to the best first step in any data-driven marketing plan:

Auld Lang Data
Should data quality be forgot,
Your decision making suffers!
The first step in good marketing
Is to get your data clean!"

As always, I'd love to hear your suggestions for other topics you'd like to see explored in 2012.  You can also propose any of your own holiday music - marketing mashups.  Either way, I appreciate your following and look forward to another great year in 2012.  Happy Holidays!  JB


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