The multichannel campaign management triple play


Is SAS doing the right things when it comes to multichannel campaign management?

In a nutshell, this is the question Gartner asked and recently answered by naming SAS a leader in their latest research report: Gartner’s Multichannel Campaign Management Magic Quadrant.

The report highlights our advanced optimization and analytical capabilities, but in a market which continues to consolidate and evolve, we’re not resting. Instead, we’re looking towards the future and we’re focused on helping our customers get the most out of their data. Here’s how:

Finding the most profitable growth opportunities
In order to find profitable growth opportunities, you must have an accurate definition and understanding of profitability to your organization, and you need to know what customers or segments actually provide value. This is what we do. With SAS’s campaign management, analytical, and optimization capabilities, you can easily find answers to these questions.

Taking the best marketing action
Once you know where your value comes from, you must then take the most appropriate action. If you know who your valuable customers are, but cannot market to them effectively, a huge opportunity is missed. Being able to leverage the opportunities to drive loyalty, migration, retention, or growth inside your organization is essential to creating profitable revenue growth. We do this too.

Maximizing cross business impact
OK. So now that you know where your value comes from, and you’re able to take the best action to create profitable growth, you’re ready to change the way you do business, as a company. Setting your analytical insight free, by sharing and distributing it across the organization, in near real-time, allows you to maximize cross business impact.

At the highest level, these are the challenges that our Customer Intelligence solutions solve. In my next post, I'll provide further detail on each of these challenges. And later, in subsequent posts, I'll follow on with details about the forward thinking we are doing to make sure our solutions continue to meet your needs. Stay tuned!


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Senior Product Marketing Manager focusing on the SAS Customer Intelligence Solutions. Over 10 years experience in the Customer Intelligence industry. Very interested in the rise of social, the profitability of customers, and best practice retention strategies. Love talking sports, family, and music!


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