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Yesterday we posted 'Chris Brogan Offers Social Media Advice to Marketers', the second (of six) Chris Brogan videos taped when Chris was at our headquarters in Cary, NC.

In this video, the third in this series, SAS' Deb Orton interviews Chris Brogan of New Marketing Labs. Chris discusses the big opportunities for marketers, mistakes that marketers make with social media and how to solve the common marketers' excuse of "I don't have the time."

Chris' comments, concerning the time investment social media requires, reminded me of the economic tenet that the true cost of anything produced is the sum of the other things that could have been produced with the same efforts. In other words, if you spend an hour on Twitter, the true cost of that effort is what you did not do during that time, but could have.

So if email marketing works for you, keep with it. Yet if a particular marketing activity is not working, do consider alternative uses of your time and perhaps redirect effort towards a social media activity, as there is a good chance such a redirection will produce superior results. At any rate, you'll learn something new.

Enjoy the video. And stay tuned. We'll post new segments from this interview series in the coming days, and we'll continue this series with new interviews from SAS practitioners in the coming months.



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