What's your dirty little secret?


I just read a great post from David Armano called "Social Media's Top 10 Dirty Little Secrets," pointing out some of the things many of us are thinking but not saying. I, for one, am getting tired of the social media fishbowl where "experts" share their opinions on the necessity of cutting edge tools and techniques that those of us in the real world are nowhere near ready to adopt. I alluded to that in my "Stop telling me what to do" post.

And yes, I'm ready for a lull in new technologies. I'm already behind on figuring out Friendfeed and now I feel like I need to get on top of Posterous. In reality probably the best thing I could be doing is reading more blogs and writing more in this one. I tell people all the time that "blog posts don't have to be white papers" and offer tips for writing more frequently, yet I'll go a week or two (or more) without posting.

I guess you can't call that my dirty little secret, since it's right out here on the Internet for people to see.

What's yours?


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