Stephane Goddé
Head of EMEA Fraud & Security Intelligence in Government & Non-Financial Services at SAS

The datacenter of the nineties is the SD-card of today. So much of life is now digital. Civilization depends on rules and guidelines, and legislators are slowly adapting to meet the needs of the digital world. Unfortunately criminals do not care for rules, and can often move faster than the law can keep up. Leaders in government and business have to find the most efficient and effective ways to innovate with new products and services while staying within legal guidelines. Responsible leaders also have to protect their domains from bad actors who are trying to circumvent rules and procedures for personal gain. As a fraud & corruption specialist and former police commissioner, I have a natural instinct for finding loopholes in procedures. My expertise is in helping leaders be proactive and adapt their response to threats they face. Together with a great team of specialists we help government, telco, and retail clients improve their fraud prevention and detection practices. We support them on management, enrichment and better use of their data to find the needle in the haystack. We guide them on how to filter the “need to have” from the bulk so they can set priorities to their most valuable assets, their teams. We believe everything you need is in your data; you just have to make it visible.

Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Reducing tax evasion and fraud: the importance of cooperation

It is often said that cooperation is key to addressing big, intractable problems. The European Union recently highlighted this with amendments to the Administrative Tax Cooperation Directive. These amendments are designed to improve cooperation between tax authorities on administrative tax and reduce tax evasion and tax fraud.[1] Increasing information exchange