Phil Weiss
Analytics Systems Manager

Phil Weiss is an Advisory Solution Architect in Sales and Marketing Support. He was an accomplished application developer and statistical consultant for 10 years before joining SAS. His technical specialties are time series forecasting, high-performance analytics and distributed processing systems. Phil has written a book on the history of Lake Tahoe’s oldest licensed casino, the Cal-Neva Resort, a place once owned by Frank Sinatra.

Advanced Analytics
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5 Challenges of cloud analytics

The need for fast and easy access to high-powered analytics has never been greater than it is today. Fortunately, cloud processing still holds the promise of making analytics more transparent and ubiquitous than ever before. Yet, a significant number of challenges still exist that prevent more widespread adoption of cloud

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Machine learning dominates Strata 2014 in Santa Clara

Data asset management and analytic processing associated with big data were main topics of interest at the recent Strata conference in Santa Clara, California.  Hosted in Silicon Valley, the conference attracted some of the brightest and most intelligent data scientists from America’s top research and academic institutions.  Yet, to my ears, the