Michel Ghorayeb
Managing Director, SAS UAE

In his capacity as managing director, Michel Ghorayeb is committed to empowering organizations in the UAE with the most trusted analytics. He strongly believes in a long-term vision of a data-driven, sustainable future, and readiness to cope with the challenges. Michel is dedicated to enabling organizations in the UAE to make bold discoveries that drive progress and technological advancement in Healthcare, Security, Transport, Energy, Finance, Education. To build on the digital skills of the UAE youth, Mr. Ghorayeb is taking a role in supporting academic initiatives that promote learning for all and building a global community of innovators. He advocates collaborating at scale by using a partner ecosystem and establishing cooperative relationships across multiple channels. Michel believes in the value of co-creation to meet today’s customer expectations and maximize the business outcome. With a holistic and strategic approach, he is dedicated to bridging the gap between business and technology and delivering to customers ‘The Power to Know’.