Meg Schaeffer
National Public Health Advisor, Epidemiologist at SAS

Dr. Meg Schaeffer, EdD, MPH, MPA is an infectious disease epidemiologist and National Public Health advisor at SAS. Dr. Schaeffer spent 15 years working in government on outbreaks from botulism to H1N1 and now COVID-19. She is a former professor, published author, triathlete, and community advocate. Her focus at SAS is on Public Health Modernization within government.

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Visualizing the future of public health through data modeling

The cold of winter and holiday gatherings push people indoors, causing a surge in influenza hospitalizations. Years of above-normal temperatures in southern states bring a species of mosquito that carries malaria to the US. Declining childhood immunization rates threaten to allow previously eradicated diseases like measles to become endemic again.