Jody Carlton
Senior Technical Support Analyst

Jody Carlton is a Senior Technical Support Analyst in Technical Support. She has been helping customers solve critical business and technical problems with SAS software solutions since 1984. She made SAS her career after graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has worked in the Technical Support, Sales and Marketing, and Education Divisions. She is on the team supporting NLS (National Language Support). Additional support areas include PROC FORMAT, Cross Environment Data Access (CEDA), the Output Delivery System (ODS), PROC HTTP, and Transport files.

Programming Tips
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Using locale-specific format catalogs to create reports in multiple languages

This blog post, inspired by my work on this topic with a SAS customer, focuses on how to create and use locale-specific informats to read in numeric values from a Microsoft Excel file and then transform them into SAS character values. I incorporated this step into a macro that transforms ones and zeroes from the Excel file into meaningful information for multilingual readers.