Estelle Wang
Senior Associate Linguistic Specialist, SAS Advanced Analytics R&D

Estelle Wang is a Senior Associate Linguistic Specialist within SAS R&D's Advanced Analytics division. She has an MA in Translation with Business Interpreting from the University of Bath. She likes to explore modern approaches to natural language processing and apply these methods to provide valuable insights, and she enjoys painting and balcony gardening when out of the office. She also holds two patents on handling natural language data.

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Find duplicates and near-duplicates in a corpus with Natural Language Processing

To find exact duplicates, matching all string pairs is the simplest approach, but it is not a very efficient or sufficient technique. Using the MD5 or SHA-1 hash algorithms can get us a correct outcome with a faster speed, yet near-duplicates would still not be on the radar. Text similarity is useful for finding files that look alike. There are various approaches to this and each of them has its own way to define documents that are considered duplicates. Furthermore, the definition of duplicate documents has implications for the type of processing and the results produced. Below are some of the options. Using SAS Visual Text Analytics, you can customize and accomplish this task during your corpus analysis journey either with Python SWAT package or with PROC SQL in SAS.