Claudio Broggio
Account Executive, SAS Italy

Claudio has always been exploiting data potentialities since his first Basic coding when he was 10. During his working path he did it in organizations belonging to different sectors: energy, transport, agriculture, water resources, and... nuclear physics. Since he landed in SAS, he has been pooling his cross-sectorial competences and his propension for lateral thinking in order to create new visions for data capitalization by means of advanced analytics. In his free time, Claudio keeps alive such inclinations by cooking, gardening, and playing with his daughters.

Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning
Claudio Broggio 0
Protecting your intellectual property in the brave new world of AI and machine learning

AI innovations range from unique modelling techniques and computer vision efforts to medical diagnostic tools and self-driving cars. Within that wide range of technology, what should you consider patenting? Which of your discoveries are true intellectual property that necessitate protection? A little thought upfront could help you to know what