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+Alison Bolen is an editor at SAS, where she writes and edits content about analytics and emerging topics. Since starting at SAS in 1999, Alison has edited print publications, Web sites, e-newsletters, customer success stories and blogs. She has a bachelor’s degree in magazine journalism from Ohio University and a master’s degree in technical writing from North Carolina State University.

Data Management
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Five questions with Jerry Williams

Jerry Williams is a Project Manager for Environmental Sustainability at SAS. What are you working on right now? There is so much going on…. No two days are ever quite the same. Some of my priority projects include: Balancing expectations of employees so passionate about stewardship while giving fair consideration

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What's better than enterprise search? Text mining.

Last week I saw a slide from a customer presentation that said 85 percent of that company's data is unstructured data. This isn't usual, either. But what does it mean? First and foremost, it means the data we're all collecting at unprecedented rates is no longer stored strictly in spreadsheets

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What kind of expert is best?

Years ago, when I was a fledgling writer, I would get frustrated to read guest columns in my favorite magazines by non-writers. You know what I mean: fitness articles by Gabby Reese or business columns by Donald Trump. As a writer, I argued that teaching a writer a topic was

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Pull my finger ... er, I mean ... my blog post

I've never been a fan of the old "pull my finger" prank. I'm not above bathroom humor in general, but even as a kid I wasn't interested in actively participating in someone else's less-than-pleasant bodily functions. Some people feel the same way about blogs: "Eww," they think. "Don't make me

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Can statistics recognize racial bias?

Research from a University of Pennsylvania professor and a Cornell University graduate student says yes, according to the New York Times (registration required). Judging by comments on the article, many Times readers disagree. In 2005, when the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) award raised similar questions, three Southeastern economists turned

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BI in the public sector

I've read lots of coverage recently about the new Butler Group report that says public sector agencies could be making better use of business intelligence. That's good to know and not too surprising - but how? Peter Dorrington, head of industry marketing strategy at SAS UK, has a few ideas.

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