Adrian Niga
Channel and Alliances Manager - Romania, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus & Bulgaria at SAS

I am an experienced corporate sales manager with more than 13 years of sales & channel & alliances experience. I excel in communication skills and take pride in being able to successfully engage in all levels from C-level to professionals. I have extended expertise in ERP, HCM, Marketing Automation solutions, CRM and Analytics with networking in Banking, Telco, Retail, Manufacturing and Public Sector. I am now covering a region of 5 countries (Romania, Moldova, Greece, Cyprus and Bulgaria) from a Channel & Alliances point of view - nurturing existing relationships with current partners and expanding the coverage with new and exciting partnerships. I am engaged in business planning together with my partners and enjoy finding new and challenging opportunities in order to meet customer's expectations. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people and creating long lasting relationships. My main goal is to make my partners successful as their goal is to make our common customers happy and successful.

Analytics | Artificial Intelligence | Fraud & Security Intelligence
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Anti-money laundering measures need to go beyond banks

When considering anti-money laundering operations, it’s not unreasonable that most people would probably think first of banks and other financial institutions. These organizations are probably the most obvious place to deposit large sums of money, including those obtained from criminal activities. And are therefore the most important first line of