What compelling event will move you?

I recently faced a tough decision- do I repair and revive my home air conditioning unit yet another year or do I replace it?  As I discussed the options with the project manager for several hours on a Saturday morning, thankfully before this incredible heat wave, I was struck at […]

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Real personal accountability in a health care marketplace

Is there room for real personal accountability in the emerging health care marketplace?  I am back in this week's blog post discussing cost, value, and personal responsibility in the future consumer health market.  I will also be presenting Friday at the upcoming AHIP conference for those planning to attend. Remember the […]

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Managing the Unmanageable, Part 2: Don't Go it Alone

Contributed by Sarah Rittman, Senior Healthcare Industry Consultant In the second in her 2-part series, Sarah Rittman questions whether behavior/lifestyle change is a legitimate business strategy for health plans.  Conventional wisdom of cost management techniques drives a ton of activity today, but Sarah has a challenge for any fervent followers […]

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In the Spotlight

For those that may be interested, there is a great post over on the SAS Customer Anaytics blog by John Balla discussing health and life sciences.  Customer intelligence is easily one of the most important issues we are discussing these days, and John's article points out some great resources coming […]

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Managing the Unmanageable

Contributed by Sarah Rittman, Senior Healthcare Industry Consultant Behavior and lifestyle change is a legitimate business strategy for health plans?  Really?  This week’s post from Sarah Rittman, senior health plan industry consultant at SAS, calls into question the conventional wisdom of cost management techniques and where analytics should play. Here's […]

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Seven Reasons Pharma Needs Predictive Analytics

I recently met a health care industry executive, and we got to talking about predictive analytics (big surprise).  He was particularly interested in understanding the value of predictive analytics to the pharmaceutical industry.  I thought I would share with you the seven reasons I gave why predictive analytics should be […]

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What are your analytical priorities?

I've been spending a lot of time over the past few weeks thinking about the opportunities for advanced analytics within our industry.  Any regular reader of this blog knows that there is not a lack of opportunity for using analytics to drive improvements in health.  But if you are a […]

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The First Three Laws of Analytical Transformation

As I mentioned last week, I was invited to participate on a DIA session panel. The topic was opportunities for using bioinformatics and analytics to improve health research, product development, and care delivery. The panelists and attendees were both excellent, and it was a really great discussion. The session was […]

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Breakthroughs...or Not

Did anyone else catch this month's edition of the Harvard Business Review?  My time over the past few weeks has been spent in wrapping up 2009 performance and starting up 2010 plans, so I've been behind in my usual reading.  When I finally got around to reading it, I was […]

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How to Be a Villain in One Easy Step

You've seen my kind before: our brows are always furrowed, we chain women to railroad tracks, and we have a maniacal laugh that we use whenever we sense fear in others.  I can't tell you exactly when I became a villain (it's all pretty much a blur).  But I can […]

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